A little bit of fairy magic…..


I’m currently struggling to write… my inspiration has disappeared and so I was sitting on my sofa last night watching “Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters” trying to take my mind off my lack of erotic thoughts ;)

I adore fantasy stories and fairy tales, because I’m fascinated by the heartache that more often than not comes with both. Take Disney for instance…. the fairy stories that so many little girls grow up with. Most of them come with a dead or absent mother and a hopeless father who can only think of his own happiness. So while the girl might get the guy in the end, she has to go through the heartache first before she’s worthy of the happy ever after. That got me thinking about the style of the original fairytales which are even darker and thought I’d try a little tale of sadness of my own as a bit of writing therapy. It’s much less Disney and more Brothers Grimm but I hope you enjoy it… at the very least I think I’ve got my naughty thoughts back!

Love Lexie xx

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl who hid herself away from the world because her heart had been crushed by lies and disappointment. She wore her sadness like a weight upon her shoulders and walked in the shadows of the world. Her eyes were dark with her misery and she believed all those who told her that she was nothing.

The girl had given up on happiness forever until one day, at a ball at the Palace, she met a Prince so charming and so handsome that she could not take her eyes off him. Her heart began to remember the joy that it had known before the dark times and she ached for him to love her. But the girl knew that she was unlovable and that one so perfect would never be interested in someone like her and so she kept her distance and yearned for him from afar.

Unbeknownst to her the Prince had indeed noticed her and he was fascinated by her dark and troubled beauty. He knew that he had to have her, and even though he was betrothed to another he put his feelings aside and flattered the girl, making her believe that maybe it was the world and not her that was to blame for her shattered heart.

And so she allowed her heart to open to the Prince and she listened to his beautiful voice as he whispered to her about how lovely were her eyes, her lips, her hair and how much he ached to be with her. The girl ached to be with him too and so she told him how she felt, laying her bruised and tender heart on the line once more, trusting that he would never make her feel the pain that she had tried to escape for so long.

The first touch of his lips upon hers awakened a tiny flame of hope within her and she felt at last the tight bands of despair around her heart loosen.

As time passed and he showed no signs of hurting her, the girl allowed the flame of hope that the Prince had ignited to flicker into life and she opened herself to him. She told him of her pain and allowed him to see the emptiness inside her. And in turn he told her of his love for her, how much she meant to him and told her that he could never give her up. His words warmed her, and her eyes shone with the love that she felt for him and at last the girl felt that maybe even she could be happy. She yearned for his touch upon her, even though she knew that he was already promised to another.

But the Prince knew that he could never truly make the girl happy. His desire for riches was stronger than his ability to love and his betrothed was the heir to a Kingdom where, once married, he would reign as King. And although he loved the girl, he hardened his heart to her knowing that he would one day break her just as she had been broken before. And although he tried to push this knowledge from his mind and focus on how she made him feel, it wasn’t enough for the Prince and even though he loved her he could not tell her so anymore.

The girl began to feel the cold and aching distance between them but she refused to believe that her beloved Prince could break her heart. She had met the Princess to whom he was promised and knew that her wealth far outshone the girl’s beauty, but she still believed that the Prince’s desire for her would overcome any obstacle that stood in the way of their true love. But as time passed, and although she tried to ignore the changes in her beloved she found she could not lie to herself as others had lied to her.

The girl had promised herself that she would never allow this darkness to engulf her again and she was angry with herself. Her anger and the pain of her Prince’s withdrawal ate away at her, no matter how much she tried to ignore it, no matter how much she told herself that he loved her. And with every silence, another piece of her heart turned to stone and she swore that she would never again allow herself to be so deceived.

But while she tried to hide away her heart, it would not give up on her, because it knew that one day she would find the one who would walk her into the sun and worship her.

It was with this hope and with this knowledge that she turned her back on her Prince and it was this that carried her as she watched him walk down the aisle with his Princess, whom she knew he did not love as he had loved her. And as they said their vows she allowed but one tear to slide down her cheek. A tear that held all of her pain, all of her disappointment and she watched it as it dropped onto the barren earth beneath her feet.

The girl promised herself that she would never be so foolish again, but she knew that she could not control her heart. All she could do was hope that the one that she eventually gave it to would hold it as gently as she tried to.

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Smutmas – Celebrating the Positive

Smut Chocoholics

I’m over at Smutmas today talking about celebrating the positive and my new blog. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a saucy snippet from my story “Decadent Velvet” which can be found in Smut for Chocoholics!

Click the link here to go and visit and you can check out all the other posts that a whole host of erotic people have already added since January!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love Lexie


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Eroticon 2014 – Meeting New People and Having A Blast in Bristol!

Eroticon 2014


I had been looking forward to the Eroticon 2014 weekend for pretty much a whole year! So when Friday came around it was with much excitement that I packed my suitcase (with far too many pairs of shoes as usual!) and headed for the train station.

The sun was shining and the journey was smooth (I think I was lucky with this as a lot of the other Babes had a few problems with trains..) and 1418607I arrived in Bristol nice and early for an afternoon chatting with my lovely sister who works in The Stable bar before meeting up with the Brit Babes gang. Sexy really did Just Walk Into Town!

It wasn’t long before the Stable bar was awash with the Babes and after a giggly catch up we headed off to get ready for our night out and the first opportunity of many to swap story ideas, concoct diabolical plans for world domination and of course shock the general public with downright filthy discussion and hand gestures! After plenty of laughs and a reminder of how much I love these guys we headed to bed, ready for the first day of the conference….

2800 After rummaging through my goodie bag, checking out the article on self publishing by lovely Lily Harlem in ETO and listening to a terrifying discussion on the ambiguity of the obscenity laws in this country, I spent the first half of Saturday listening to Molly Moore and Harper Eliot lead a very interesting discussion on labels and I learnt some brilliant new words like “monogamish”

I then sneaked into the fabulous Ashley Lister’s talk on the Lister-Dent Short Story formula. I have to admit I could listen to Ashley talk about anything but his workshop was brilliant and the collection of Brit Babes on my table came up with the beginnings of a naughty story involving knickers!

Later that day, after a brainstorming event (at the pub of course!) in which we all came up with a new novel plan, Lily Harlem, Tabitha Rayne and me settled down to watch London Faerie’s sacred BDSM show, something that I was fascinated by and eager to learn more about. It was an eye opening experience and with the added treat of some awesome singing from Martina!

2804So with the first day under our belts we headed out for dinner and more gossiping! After a delicious meal we changed and headed out for cocktails at the Elephant Bar…… where I met lots of lovely people, made some new friends and drank far too much wine! Thanks again to Lee and Ruby for safely returning my phone to me ;D

Despite that mishap it was a fabulous girls night out with my lovely Babes!

And so, after sitting in the sunshine by the river for breakfast to try and clear my fuzzy head, I embarked on another wonderful day at Eroticon!

Kay and Lucy from Short Story to NovelI went to the session with Lucy Felthouse and Kay Jaybee because despite chatting to them regularly about all sorts of things, I really need to knuckle down and finish my novel and their talk on how to move from short stories to writing something scarily longer was brilliant. Although it confirmed that I need to stop faffing around and just write, it was good to discuss why we all worry about this jump. Thanks guys for reminding me again why I need to do this!

After lunch it was time for Jo Myles and Anna Martin’s session on writing M/M fiction and I was inspired by both of them. So, with my head filled with all sorts of naughty stories to write as soon as I got home, I sneaked off to catch some sunshine and spent a very lovely hour or so enjoying the atmosphere of the Harbourside with some very pleasant company :) arriving back at the venue just in time for High Tea and the joy of the Eroticon Readings!

There’s nothing I love more than listening to talented writers reading their work and this event was definitely not a disappointment. From the scary to the downright filthy, the stage was filled with some of erotica’s finest authors and I enjoyed every minute.

One last trip to the pub and it was time for me to catch my train… with a little help from my new friends, thank you :) and I arrived home exhausted at almost midnight, my head buzzing with ideas and a huge smile on my face despite the ridiculously late hour. It was a weekend I won’t forget for a very long time.

There are so many people I should name check for being fabulous this weekend and for making the whole event a fantastic adventure and I’m sure I won’t get them all out of my head and onto the page but here goes…. Vida Bailey, Jilly Boyd, EA Unadorned, Kristina Lloyd, all of the Brit Babes, Ashley Lister, F. Leonora Solomon, Cara Sutra, Lee Schofield and so many more of you that I will kick myself for forgetting… Also a big “Hi” to the totally hot barman at the Elephant Bar and of course last but by no means least, the wonderful Ruby Kiddell for organising another perfect weekend!

I just wish we could do it every month instead of every year……

Hot off the press….. South Bank Seduction  an erotic anthology from writers who attended Eroticon 2013 is free until Sunday, so pick up your copy now!

Love you all

Lexie xxx

2014-02-09 14.58.48

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The Tuesday Takeover – Miss Redmond’s Deception by Sandra Cox

Today on the Tuesday Takeover I’ve got a new release from Sandra Cox – Miss Redmond’s Deception

Here’s all the information!


Miss Redmond’s Deception by Sandra Cox

Blurb: When Captain Richard Greyston encounters three figures in a graveyard, he takes them for a spectral visitation until he realizes it is two young ladies—in their nightgowns, no less—and their spinsterish companion. A spinster with slender limbs and an enchantingly velvety voice.

Pembra doesn’t care a whit for the captain’s opinion of her, even after circumstances force them into a sham betrothal. But when a gypsy warns her that his life hangs in the balance, she begins to realize that her heart is not so uninvolved as she might like to pretend.

 Buy links:





Excerpt:Where’s everyone going?”  she muttered. Her curiosity aroused, Pembra slipped out the door behind her sisters, keeping the spectral white nightgowns in sight as she stayed in the shadows. Her heart gave a hard ka-thump at the nearby screech of an owl. Ignoring it, she kept going.

What are they up to? Pembra watched Sabrina follow Emma, who followed Betsy.

The maid turned off the path into the small graveyard located behind the rectory. She forgot to watch Betsy as she stared in astonishment at Emma sinking behind a large tombstone, like a specter sinking into the grave, while Sabrina crept up behind her.

Pembra tiptoed closer until she heard subdued voices. She braced her hands against the rough bark of an oak. Hidden, she leaned forward to hear.

“Emma what are you doing here?” Sabrina demanded.

Emma clamped a hand over her own mouth, muffling her shriek. “What are you doing here?” she hissed back.

“Following you.”

“Gosh, you scared me.” Emma pulled Sabrina down beside her.

“At the risk of being repetitive, what are you doing here?”

“Following Betsy. You’ll never believe it, but she’s out there with Adolphus Webster.”

“The rector’s son?” Sabrina gasped in shock. “Surely you’re mistaken. That platter-faced prig wouldn’t have the nerve to meet anyone.”

“Oh, no? Well just take a look at that. Meeting is hardly the word for what’s going on.” Emma giggled.

“Oh my.” Sabrina clapped her hand over Emma’s eyes while peeking over the top of the tombstone.

“Hey, move your hand.” Emma wiggled trying to dislodge her disobliging sister’s fingers.

“You are much too young to witness such disreputable behavior,” her sibling scolded.

“Yes, and you are so much more worldly,” Emma grumbled, as she pried away Sabrina’s fingers.

“Well, I’m worldly enough to know if Pembra finds out about this, its curtains for Betsy,” Sabrina replied, indignant.

The girls—so awake to the carnal pursuits under the maple tree—were paying not the least attention to their immediate surroundings.

Pembra stepped out from her hiding place. “If Pembra finds out about what?”

“Eeekk.” Both girls screeched and jumped up in fright.


It was unfortunate indeed that Captain the Honorable Richard Greyston, late of the Household Brigade,  grandson and only heir of the fifth Earl of Meade, had taken a wrong turn and was cantering by on his temperamental stallion, when the girls rose shrieking from behind the tombstone.

“Bloody hell,” floated on the clear night air as Greyston fought to get his mount under control, not quite believing what he was seeing as three ghostly apparitions stared at him from behind an ancient funerary marker.

When his mount Doondiah was quieted down, Greyston unobtrusively drew a pistol from an inside pocket of his great coat.  Nudging the stallion with his knees, he approached cautiously. Though, damned if he knew what good a pistol would be against a ghost, much less three.

Greyston gave a snort of disgust as he drew nearer and saw that his ghostly apparitions were only girls, at least the two clutching each other were. The third was definitely an old maid wearing a ridiculous mobcap, pulled down nearly to her thick spectacles, and a night rail that had enough material in it to serve as an army tent.

“You damn fool,” he told his horse succinctly.

“That will be enough of that language in front of innocent young females, sir,” the old maid snapped, stepping forward.

Spoken like a true spinster.  He sighed inwardly. But ye gods, the voice. Velvety as night. Low and smoky as sin. A nightingale sound that conjured up forbidden delights. If his mistress had a voice like that he’d never leave her side. A lot could be forgiven resonance like that even if it came from a dried up old spinster.

He moderated his cutting rejoinder to a mild, “Madam, what are you doing out here?”


BIO: Multi-published author Sandra Cox writes Crossover YA, YA Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Time Travel Romance and Metaphysical Nonfiction. She lives in sunny North Carolina with her husband, a brood of critters and an occasional foster cat. Although shopping is high on the list, her greatest pleasure is sitting on her porch, listening to the birds, sipping coffee and enjoying a good book. She’s a vegetarian and has a yellow belt in Muay Thai.




Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Sandra_Cox

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SandraCox.Author


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The Tuesday Takeover – Exposing Ellen by Skylar Kade

Exposing Ellen by Skylar Kade



Ellen Porter is a stranger to the single life–as much a stranger as she is to facing her same-sex desires. The recent divorcee, desperate to prove that her attraction to women is just a phase, enlists the help of Madame Eve for one night of “getting it out of her system.”

Aimee Tran has had enough of the Los Angeles bar-hopping scene. In pursuit of a genuine romantic connection, she discovers Madame Eve and decides that maybe, just maybe, a one-night stand will tide her over until she finds The One.

Neither woman expects lust to burn down their preconceived notions—or to crave more than one desperate tryst.


Decadent Publishing http://www.decadentpublishing.com/product_info.php?products_id=903&osCsid=82r82n9obf0qbns6c5d8htg966

Amazon US http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00I9IZRMQ/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00I9IZRMQ&linkCode=as2&tag=lucyfelt-20

Amazon UK http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00I9IZRMQ/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1634&creative=19450&creativeASIN=B00I9IZRMQ&linkCode=as2&tag=lucyfelthouse-21

All Romance Ebooks https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-exposingellen-1414867-149.html ?referrer=6bdb1f9160564c0525b41f36e51861a0

Barnes & Noble http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/exposing-ellen-skylar-kade/1118542584



Skylar Kade, self-avowed hedonist and princess extraordinaire, started her writing career after throwing aside yet another romance she could not bring herself to finish. The run-on sentences! The purple prose! Oh, the horror of it was just too much. So she sat down to write her own tale. Her favorite part about writing is the extensive research.

She currently resides in sunny southern California, alternately cursing the polluted air and adoring the weather. Skylar spends her time asking the cabana boys to bring her more mimosas and feed her strawberries while she dreams up her next naughty adventure.

She blogs at the SkylarVerse and with the Nine Naughty Novelists.


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AuthorSkylarKade

Twitter: http://twitter.com/skylarkade

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/SkylarKade


“I….” She shook her head, terrified of the eagerness building inside her. “I have no idea what I’m doing,” she eventually whispered. “I’m sorry. Contacting 1NightStand was a bad idea, not fair to you at all.” Paolo might have been right. Her broken marriage was her fault.

She moved out of the balcony doorway but gentle fingers settled on her shoulders. “Not so fast, hon.” Aimee’s voice pitched low. “It’s not like I know what I’m doing either. I’ve never called up Madame Eve before.”

Ellen stared out over the ocean, where her date’s beauty didn’t distract her and she didn’t have to see the condemnation in Aimee’s eyes. “It’s more than being new to a dating service.” She paused and swallowed around her embarrassment. Neither in her mother’s house nor her husband’s had she been encouraged to talk about intimate issues. She hadn’t even heard certain anatomical euphemisms spoken out loud until her husband’s mistress ended up in their bed. Still, she forged on—Aimee deserved an explanation. “I’ve only been with a woman once, kind of. You obviously know what you’re doing and it’s not fair to you to be stuck for a night with someone who—”

Aimee spun her around, pulled her close, and twisted her fingers through Ellen’s hair. “Am I imagining your arousal?”

Oh, Lord. Her lips parted. The other woman stood so near. Her tongue flicked across Ellen’s lips and she bit off a moan. “I—”

Aimee pressed closer until their breasts squished together. One of her legs slid between Ellen’s. “Am I imagining your little gasps of pleasure? Of desire?” She bit Ellen’s earlobe. “If I am, tell me to leave. Because, honey, right now your inexperience is turning me on.”

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